Bonding period

During the bonding period from April, 23 to May, 22 I try to connect to the GNU Radio community and prepare myself for the tasks that will follow during the coding period.

Before the GSoC announcement, I already contributed to PyBOMBS and I am now trying to finish the tasks I have taken there. Besides that, I help out with the preparations for the GNU Radio 3.8 release (which won’t haben that soon). There needs to be some block cleanup, especially in gr-digital. For instance, there are several PSKĀ blocks that overlap in functionality. Generally we try to move away from the specific PSK/QAM modulation blocks and are going to combine all of them in just one constellation block.

This small tasks help me to get to know the people of the project as well as the workflow and organization.

In addition, I am doing basic tutorials on GNU Radio now to get used to the tools of the trade. After that, I will do some first approaches on my first topic: Automatic signal detection.