Week 4 – GUI

During the fourth week of GSoC, I mainly dealt with building the GUI. Read here more about it.


To implement the GUI I used QT and QWT. The GUI block creates a new instance of inspector_plot which handles the actual displaying of the components. The block only deals with incoming RF map messages by passing them directly. The input items are stored in a buffer, which pointer is passed to the inspector_plot, so that this class has also read access. Since the FFT size is fixed, the block only consumes one vector of FFT length in each work() iteration.
The input items are visualized with a common QwtCurvePlot. There, I used QwtPlotMarkers to display vertical signal boundary lines and signal information next to each detected signal.

GUI with 3 detected Sines


In accordance with the milestones, I began to write a documentation for the created blocks. It is available in the project standard doxygen and gets compiled along with the module itself.


  • I still have a nasty segfault from time to time.┬áMy mentors could not reproduce this error, but I still need to fix this.
  • Add manual signal selection capability. In this case, the output message of the block is determined by the user. Graphical control of this in the plot would be cool.
  • Finish documentation

I’m very optimistic that I can achieve the midterm milestones in time and looking forward for the second part of my task in July!