Week 12 – Solving the small issues

In the second last week of GSoC I dealt with all the small issues that accumulated over time and that I marked with “I’ll do this when the big issues are finished”.


A short summary of this week:

  • The Separator threw a segfault when connected to a SDR dongle while the Detector was running on automatic detection. It took several days to find this bug. (Strange that it didn’t occur earlier.)
  • The GUI feedback text now changes its vertical position when zooming. That way the signal information can be viewed while examining the signal.
  • I still have issues getting the Doxygen documentation displayed properly in GRC. I have sent a mail on the list but with no answers so far. For now I have just copied the documentation text in the XML file.
  • The OFDM blocks need a minimum item number to perform reliable estimations (some OFDM symbol lengths). If the input buffer is not big enough, the work function is skipped. The min input items parameter is now settable in the GRC blocks.
  • I extended the documentation for the Extractor concerning the resampling (see blog post from last week).
  • I made a pybombs recipe for the Inspector. A pull request will follow next week.
  • I made an (epic) promotion video. It will be released next week along with the pybombs recipe.
  • Unfortunately, Christopher (who is developing the AMC blocks) still has some issues and could not provide a merge-ready version until now. I will try to assist him during the next week and maybe, the AMC functionality will be available before the GSoC deadline.


Sunday this week is “soft pencils down”. Until then, all functionality of the toolbox should be up and running and the final milestones should be achieved. In the following week, the project will be polished (code cleanup, commenting, documentation, examples) to be in perfect state for release.