Week 13 – The End

Over the past 13 weeks I worked on gr-inspector, a signal analysis toolbox for GNU Radio. GSoC now comes to an end, and it’s time to look back and evaluate the results. I can gladly say to have achieved all planned milestones, even one optional milestone (FM demodulation) was reached.

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Week 12 – Solving the small issues

In the second last week of GSoC I dealt with all the small issues that accumulated over time and that I marked with “I’ll do this when the big issues are finished”.

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Week 7 – OFDM Prototype

This week of GSoC I dealt with a first approach to perform a OFDM parameter estimation. As mentioned in the last blog post, my milestones where altered to develop a OFDM estimation block. The parameters that should be estimated are

  • Subcarrier spacing
  • FFT length
  • Symbol time
  • Timing offset
  • Frequency offset

The offsets should also be compensated. This week I developed a prototype for a OFDM estimator.

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